Best Anti-Spyware Software Guide – What Should You Use?

In this day and age, it is vitally important to select the best anti-spyware software. This can often be challenging, since there are so many different anti-spyware software solutions available – and each claims to be better than their competitors. So, what software should you go for? Read our advice below, as we examine BitDefender, the anti-spyware software that we recommend.

What is the Best Anti-Spyware Software?

Our Recommendaton – Bit Defender

Is BitDefender the best anti-spyware software?

Often touted as the best anti-spyware software, we thought we’d put this to the test.

The tests conducted looked at the overall protection Bit Defender provides, its performance when being used by the user, aswell as its user friendliness and usability. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, as you will find out, managed to pass these tests with flying colors.

In the test, the software was put up against around fourteen thousand potential threats, which included a large amount of spyware, which was difficult to detect. The average score the software managed to achieve was over 90%, which was very impressive. While the vast majority of threats are closed down, work could be done to move this figure to nearer 100%. It could be argued that even the smallest opportunity for spyware to infect your computer could be catastrophic if some spyware managed to infiltrate your system.

The software scored well on the resources that the software required in order to function properly. The software will not slow your system down to any noticeable extent, and this includes when you are doing some memory hungry processes such as downloading and streaming while carrying out a scan.

The final test that was carried out examined the software’s overall usability. The goal of the test was to find how frequently or infrequently the software determined a program to be safe or not in the flagging up process. In our test, BitDefender managed to prevent any element from enter the system.  This is indeed mightily impressive.

In terms of the support on offer from BitDefender, it offers 24 hour support during weekdays. While the support will not be used all that often, there will be times when you need to contact them, so it is an important consideration to make. There is also an option to use a chat room which is hosted on BitDefender’s website. When we tested this, we were connected to a customer service agent almost immediately. On the website, there is also a bank of helpful troubleshooting articles which can help with your queries, if you managed to get into difficulty.

Should you buy BitDefender?

In our opinion, BitDefender is one of a kind software that will offer excellent protection. While it enables protection from outsiders spying on your general activities on your system, it also protects your system from any malicious malware that may infect your computer. After the tests that were completed, it certainly appears that BitDefender can offer full protection for a very good price. If you have an opinion on BitDefender, or know of any other software that offers equally excellent protection, be sure to let us know.

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