What is the Best Cloud Storage for Business?

Cloud storage is becoming an essential part of the online operation for businesses up and down the country. With the rise in usage of cloud services, many companies have decided to offer their services to these businesses. Each cloud provider claims to offer the best value for money with regards to the features they offer. They can’t all be right! So, we thought we’d take a look and try and identify what is the best cloud storage for business.

What Providers offer the Best Cloud Storage for Business?

Here are the cloud storage providers that we recommend.

Amazon S3

Maybe not the first company you think about when it comes to cloud storage, but this is something that Amazon offers. There are many different services that they offer – standard storage, archive storage and infrequently accessed storage, to name but a few. It’s also possible to use what are called “lifecycle” policies with S3, which allows the possibility of moving data from different areas. For example, you could set a rule of when to move data to archive or infrequently accessed storage.

Amazon are so confident of their service that they offer credit if their uptime goes below 99.9% which is very good. It’s nice to see that they take such focus and care on uptime. There’s nothing more frustrating than down time, especially when it comes to your business. You can always subscribe to receive instant notifications about uptime and downtime of your cloud. What really sets Amazon apart from the competition is the fact that they use “transfer acceleration technology”. What is this I hear you cry? Well, it increases speeds of both uploads and downloads by nearly 300% compared to other similar suppliers.

If you have little experience with regards to cloud storage, Amazon S3 offers training and tools to help you on your way. You can also post in the forums for answers from the community, as well as browsing the webinars.

Backblaze B2

If you are looking for a dedicated cloud storage supplier, Backblaze are a company to consider. Compared to other suppliers, they are relatively inexpensive, but still offer a good service for the price. For example, compared to Amazon S3, it is approximately $50/year less expensive per computer. This is a saving not to be sniffed at. But you are paying for the ultimate reliability that Amazon offers.

Backblaze B2 provides two different plans. One is called “Business Backup” with the other being “B2 Cloud Storage”. The backup option provides the basic file/folder backup services that all cloud providers offer. But, the B2 Cloud Storage option is their flagship option and they have designed it for people who don’t have much experience with cloud storage, so it has removed some of the more advanced options.

All in all, if you are looking for the best cloud storage for business provider which offers full functionality with many different configuration options, Amazon S3 should be your port of call. If you don’t need as many advanced resources and functionality, and maybe on a budget, Blackblaze B2 offers a great service.

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