Best Help Desk Software for your Website – What Software Should you Choose?

If you are looking for the best help desk software, you may be wondering which one to choose. Many providers have dedicated help desk software and each claims to be better than its competitors. So, we thought we’d help your decision making process by recommending two of the best software providers for your needs.

What is the Best Help Desk Software?

We would recommend the following.

Happy Fox

What is the best help desk software?

If you are looking for a cost effective solution, then HappyFox is the most obvious choice. Prices start at just $19/month per user, which is quite good considering the amount of functionality that the software comes with. The ticket management system HappyFox provides is easy to install and use, and will require limited training to use. Users of the software have commented on the fact that those smaller companies that are looking for big company like help desk functionality will be able to achieve this by using Happy Fox.

Pros of Happy Fox

  • It is possible to integrate Happy Fox with other services, so you don’t need to worry about compatibility issues.
  • As described above, it has a low monthly cost and is cost effective for small start ups who are looking to keep costs to a minimum.
  • It comes with a variety of automation tools which limits the ticket management workload for the user managing the system. It does this by providing fast solutions to common problems.

Cons of Happy Fox

  • Because Happy Fox uses what is known as “Rule-based automation”, this limits the functionality.
  • Each staff member can only be given one role, which limits the number of privileges each staff member can have.


Vivantio Pro

If you have a slightly bigger budget, we would recommend Vivantio Pro. Prices start at approximatelty $60/user per month. If you have a large volume of inbound support requests, then Vivantio is definitely your port of call over Happy Fox. It comes with features such as a knowledge base and role-based security, meaning privileges can be controlled for each staff member.

Pros of Vivantio Pro

  • Ideally suited for large organisations who deal with many hundreds of support requests per day.
  • Lots of useful features which enable the software to be an enterprise grade solution. It does this by having an excellent management architecture and reporting functionality. These features are certainly lacking in the competition.

Cons of Vivantio Pro

  • The main issue is the cost. If you have many people needing access to the support system, it can become very expensive very quickly. But, if your company prides itself on offering an excellent level of customer service, then Vivantio Pro is able to offer this.

In conclusion, if you are small to medium sized business looking for the best help desk software, we would recommend Happy Fox as a cost effective solution to your support needs. If you have many hundred of support requests per day and need an enterprise level solution, then Vivtantio Pro should be your preferred choice.

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