Best Internet Speed Test Guide – What Internet Speed Test to Use

If you are experiencing a rather slow internet or broadband connection, you may have to quote to your internet service provider the actual speeds that you are experiencing. A simple Google search will throw up hundreds of internet speed test websites, and choosing the best internet speed test can be very difficult. That’s why we have decided to review some of the best internet speed tests, to help you measure the quality of your connection.

What is the Best Internet Speed Test?

Here are some of the internet speed tests that we recommend:

Is this the best internet speed test? is a relatively new service. Made with HTML5, it is compatible with all devices, so if you wanted to measure the speed of your connection from your smartphone, it will be able to do that with ease. The speed test in my view accurately mimics normal browsing and downloading that a user may do, and provides a download and upload speed that reflects your real connection speed. The program shows a graph of speed results measured as they are collected, and you’re able to compare your results with tests carried out by other users. The website locates where you are located and selects the most appropriate server from which to measure your connection by. All in all, this is one of the best internet speed tests that we have identified.


An alternative to, is the much praised This test seems to offer more measurement data than its competitors, so is perfect for the inner geek! With the comparative data available, you can measure the speed of your connection compared to your neighbors. You’re able to measure both upload and download speeds using this test.

As part of the graphs that are displayed, you’re able to identify whether your connection remains constant over the time of measurement. This shows whether your connection drops out at any point. If you are confused by the measurements that the website produces, there is a useful FAQ section with accompanying documentation which allows you to swot up on some of the often confusing terminology.


This is probably one of the most well known internet speed tests. It has been online since the 90s, so is well used amongst webmasters. The technology used by is very fast – and most importantly – accurate. It selects 5 servers that are closest to you and compiles a test of each server, providing you with download and upload speeds which are easy to understand.

I don’t think it is possible to use this test on a mobile/tablet, since the program uses Flash, which is not compatible with mobile technology. If you use a laptop or desktop, you will be able to use the website without any problems. Make sure you fill in the post-test survey which allows the website to build up a database of everyone’s internet connections. This means the best internet service providers can be identified and improve speeds for all. If you can recommend your own best internet speed test, be sure to get in touch with us.


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