What is the Best Mifi Device for Mobile Internet?

Mobile broadband is becoming a necessity for busy people on the go. When you are travelling on a train, you don’t want to have to rely on a dodgy wifi connection if you want to do some work. While the technology is still in its infancy, the features that these Mifi devices pack in is rather impressive. So, what is the best Mifi device for mobile internet? Read on for our recommendations.

Choosing the Best Mifi Device

Here are the models we recommend:

GlocalMe U2

GlocalMe U2 is arguably the best mifi device on the market at the moment. It was originally funded by a successful Indiegogo project. The mobile Wi-Fi router capabilities of GlocalMe are not like any other mifi devices currently for sale at the moment. If you do a lot of travelling, then this device will prove invaluable, as it allows you to get online anywhere in the world, no matter where you are. It will also be good to use at home when you are working and on the move. We all know connecting to a public wifi network can be a security risk, but this is not a problem with the GlocalMe U2 which encrypts all your data.

The device also makes use of cloud SIM functionality. In a nutshell, this basically means that you don’t need to put in a SIM card that the locals would use in a country you are travelling in. All you do is put some credit on your account, or select a data pack, and you can get online right away.

The Glocal Me U2 is able to connect to the best available network wherever you are, so getting online is a fast and seamless process. An average data package that you may buy for your device tends to last around 30 days. In terms of the battery life of the U2, it can last around 12 hours on one charge.  Charging the device only takes 3 and a half hours, which is a lot quicker than some of the competition.

TP-Link M7350

This is a fantastic mifi device as it is one of the only devices that is unlocked to all networks. This is great because you can pay for the TP-Link device itself, then choose a data deal from the market. This means you are not tied to a lengthy and expensive contract.

This is suitable if you have multiple devices that you need to connect, as it can act as a wireless network for ten devices, if required. The battery should last for around 10 hours of connectivity, and can be recharged rather quickly.

While the TP-Link may not be as sleek and as modern as the U2 model we described above, we feel it is perfect for the Mifi user who is looking for a budget device from which to get a reliable connection from.

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