Best Website Security Service – What Security System Should you Use?

Protecting your website from any outside interference is hard at the best of times. It is important to choose a service that offers reliable protection, doesn’t cost the earth and doesn’t slow down your website when it is being used. We have taken a look at the various services on offer in order to provide you with our recommended best website security service for your business.

What is the Best Website Security Service?

Here are our recommendations.


What is the best website security service?

Stingray has been a website security service that has come highly recommended from a large number of different security experts. The development team for this software have placed a lot of emphasis on the performance of the service rather than the actual protection. It could be considered that this is a good solution for websites that have a great emphasis on speed. It is able to offer secure but fast protection by using what is known as ADC (application delivery control).

Although the security side of things isn’t as good as some other providers, it doesn’t mean that it offers a weak level of protection. Far from it. We just mean that it isn’t as extensive as some of its competitors. It can be best described as a pimped up firewall and it works by what you specify in the control panel. Once this has all been set up, it is able to work hands off without affecting your sites overall speed and performance. It could improve its offering by developing protection against SQL injection, which is becoming a more widespread problem. If you are concerned by the security side of things with Stingray, you can use other security systems in conjunction with Stingray, such as a program called Riverbed.


Another one of the best website security service offerings is a program called Barracuda. The service is focused on protecting your website and your customers. Compared to Stingray, it focuses more on security than speed, which may be better for some. The level of protection from malware and spyware is excellent. If you are concerned about the negative impact on speed, then Barracuda may not be the service for you.

In terms of security, the virus protection is rock solid and secure. It is able to do this by making use of an antivirus signature. This ensures that if a virus tries to penetrate the system, it will be blocked at the first time of asking. For protecting against spam, it makes use of AJAX analysis which prevents any annoying spam emails from been received. Barracuda also offers an excellent level of protection against any data leaks. This is especially good if you work with a lot of personal information of customers such as account numbers.

If you are looking for a website security service that doesn’t impact the speed of your website, we would recommend Stingray. But, for added protection and a small impact on the speed of your website, we would recommend Barracuda.

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