What is the Best Wifi Booster Device to Speed Up Your Internet Connection?

If you are suffering from a slow wifi connection in different parts of your home, or if it fails to connect in certain areas, then buying a wifi booster may be the answer. With the large number of devices on the market at the moment, selecting the best wifi booster can be a difficult undertaking. This is where we attempt to come in. We thought we’d review a range of different devices, and we’ve documented our favorites below for you in order to make it easier for you to choose the booster that is most suitable for your needs.

Best Wifi Booster Device

Netgear AC1200

This is our favorite wifi booster. Netgear is a name synonymous with quality and producing the finest products, and the AC1200 is no different. You may think that the AC1200 is in fact a fully fledged router, but that is not the case. When we tested this device, we found that it provides a truly excellent level of wifi coverage in dark spots that we had. It is important to note that while the AC1200 doesn’t work as an access point, it works as a wifi booster incredibly well.

A lot of wifi boosters are quite ugly, but this Netgear product looks sleek and stylish, which reflects the performance of the booster rather well. It is certainly a multi functional device because you can use the AC1200 as a bridge which is made possible by the Ethernet ports. It is a little larger than other boosters on the market, but it packs in a lot of technology that other products do not offer. This is why we think that the Netgear AC1200 is the best wifi booster for sale at the moment.

Hawking HW2R1

The Hawking HW2R1 booster is another one of the best wifi booster devices for sale. When we tested it, the HW2R1 was able to boost the wifi signal throughout our property. The device itself is very easy to setup and use, so you shouldn’t have any problems with it from a user friendliness point of view. The external antennas that the HW2R1 boasts may look a little ugly, but the effect they produce is very good. The manufacturers say that it is in fact possible to boost your wireless signal by around 450 feet, which is rather impressive and will be more than enough for the vast majority of people.

All in all, this is a fantastic device. The security features that the HW2R1 has shouldn’t be ignored. It’s possible to manage your network from a remote location and set up an added layer of protection to your network. It also comes with 5 Ethernet ports which enable you to connect devices, which is an excellent feature to have. With a 1 year warranty, if you ever did have any problems with the product, you can return the device to the manufacturers for a replacement.

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