Verizon Fusion Review – Is this the end of DSL broadband?

We have been asked by numerous visitors to our website to complete a Verizon Fusion Review for their new Verizon Fusion offering. Many websites have stated that Verizon offer one of the fastest connections available here in the US, so we thought we’d put those claims to the test.

As a Verizon user myself, I personally have enjoyed dealing with them. Their customer service has been good whenever I’ve had to phone up to query a bill, or deal with a slight technical problem. So I was excited to try out the new Fusion service.

Verizon Fusion Review

Read our Verizon Fusion Review and see why you should stick to traditional broadband.

Verizon decided to launch this package which swaps the traditional copper wires for airwave technology. Sounds expensive! And it is, at around $60 per month for 10GB usage allowance. Bare in mind watching a program via a streaming service may use 1GB for an hour of viewing, so this package won’t be designed for those who stream content regularly.

Speed wise, it offers around 5-12 Megabits for downloading and 2-5 Megabits for uploading. This is considerably better than the traditional DSL cable broadband.

In terms of installation, Verizon will come round to your property and attach a small compartment filled with antennas onto the side of your property. This allows you to receive the airwaves to generate the connection. But beware, there is a $200 installation fee. I think this installation fee will come down over time in order for Verizon to attract new customers.

If I am being honest, I would only recommend this service in its current form to those individuals who live in rural areas who are unable to get a broadband connection.

But this method of capping internet usage could become the new norm. With more companies such as AT&T, Comcast and Charter introducing packages that limits their customer’s usage, we are slowly being frogged marched to this new way of billing.

A worrying trend I noticed was the fact that customers could connect at least 20 wireless devices to this new service, with each device having the possibility of eating into this 10GB allowance. As we know, we are moving more and more into an era where every device uses wifi, from our home security services, to our heating systems and automation gadgets. Once we have reached this stage whereby nearly every device is connected in some way to the wifi network, it will be hard for these internet service providers to sit idly by and not want to cash in by taking a cut on customers usage over the agreed cap. We could in a sense be returning to the 90s where we are charged by the minute or the amount we use. As the old DSL technology dies in favour of fiber broadband and this new Verizon Fusion package, these companies will be wanting the unlimited plans that came with the DSL to die with it.

So as it stands after completing our Verizon Fusion review, I would stick with Verizon’s traditional broadband offering unless the caps are substantially increased in its Fusion service.

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