What is the Fastest Broadband Internet Connection in the USA?

In this age of high speed internet, some of the smaller internet service providers are trying to differentiate themselves from the competition by offering the fastest broadband internet connection. And I mean super-fast! A company called “US Internet” have released a connection with download speeds of 10GBps. This is more than three hundred times faster than the current American average connection. Just to put this into some form of context, you can download a three hour movie in around 3 seconds using this connection.

US Internet told us that it’s the fastest connection in the world, and I can’t dispute that. This could become the “new normal” as it has been rumoured that Google and Verizon are testing these super-fast connections but have yet to release it to the public as of yet.

US Internet already offers an impressive 1Gbps connection for a very reasonable $65/month. Sure, it is expensive compared to regular broadband, but if you are a heavy internet user, this could be perfect for your needs.

America is slightly behind others in terms of getting these super-fast connections “online”. South Korea for example currently holds the record for the highest average connection speed. They have invested heavily in the technological infrastructure to make this happen, but I suppose they are also helped by the fact that they are able to set the technology up quickly due to the small land area of their country compared to the expansive size of the USA.

Many internet services such as Netflix are starting to recommend the use of these super-fast connections. For example, in order to enjoy Netflix’s Ultra High Definition streams, you will need a connection with a speed of at least 25 Mbps.

But whether you actually need such a high speed connection is questionable. Why not wait an extra few seconds to download a movie in 60 seconds instead of downloading it in 3 seconds. Are those 57 seconds saved worth the touted $400 for a connection of this speed? Unless you are Bill Gates, then I guess not!

What country has the fastest broadband internet connection?

It’s interesting to look at a list of the top 10 countries ranked by internet connection speeds. You will notice the US doesn’t appear in the top 10. We have some way to go to compete with the connections on offer in other countries:

10. Finland – 12.1Mbp

9. Czech Republic – 12.3Mbps

8. Ireland – 12.7Mbps

7. Latvia – 13Mbps

6. Holland – 14.2Mbps

5. Switzerland – 14.5Mbps

4. Sweden – 14.6Mbps

3. Japan – 15.2Mbps

2. Hong Kong – 16.8 Mbps

1. South Korea – 22.2 Mbps

What is the fastest broadband internet connection?

If we were to plot the US, we would come 17th. So are we being short-changed by lack of investment in our internet networks? It would certainly appear so. But tiny steps being taken by US Internet could set the ball rolling for high speed connections for all.

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